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Device Control

Can I control how strong the scent is in my home?

Yes, AIRIA’s scent intensity ranges from 1-10. You get to choose how intense the scent is throughout your home.

How can I adjust the settings on my AIRIA device?

The power button turns the entire device on. The +/- buttons on the device control the scent intensity. You can also turn the light on by holding power button down for 3 seconds. Access the AIRIA app for full control of your device including setting schedules.

What settings can I adjust on my AIRIA device?

On the physical device you can turn on the light on or off, select scent intensity and turn the entire device off. In order to take more actions, you will need to log into the AIRIA app.

Download the AIRIA App in the Apple store for iOS. You will be redirected to the Apple store.Get the AIRIA App in the Play store for Android. You will be redirected to the Play store.

Device Safety

Can I leave AIRIA running while I am not home?

AIRIA can safely be run while you are at home and while you are away from home. AIRIA meets the highest test standards for safety regulations, including meeting all standards in California.

Is AIRIA safe for my children? My pets?

Our pure fragrance oils are safe for your family and your pets.

Operating My Device

How big is AIRIA?

The AIRIA stands about 6.5 inches tall and is about 3.75 inches wide across the base.

Do I have to plug AIRIA in?

Yes, AIRIA must be plugged in to operate.

Where should I place my AIRIA?

The best place for AIRIA is on a counter, shelf or table in a central location of your home.

What do I need in order to setup my AIRIA device?

In order to get started with AIRIA, you will need the device plug and a scent cartridge. If you want to use the AIRIA app, you will need to download the app from the app store. In order to log into the AIRIA app, you will also need an Amazon account.

Do I have to download the AIRIA app?

You do not need the AIRIA app to use the AIRIA device. However, in order to operate the full functionality available, like scheduling and voice control for example, you will need to download the AIRIA app.

Is an Alexa device required to control AIRIA?

No. You do not need an Alexa device to control AIRIA. You will need to download & setup the Alexa app if you want to use the AIRIA app.

Device Troubleshooting

Why is my device offline?

This may happen for a variety of reasons. First thing to do is refresh the app to ensure that it is showing the latest information. Next thing to do is double check that your Wi-Fi network is still online. You can check this on your mobile. Also verify that the correct Wi-Fi network is setup in the Alexa app. If you need additional help, please contact customer support.

How do I connect my device to Wi-Fi?

In order to connect your AIRIA device to Wi-Fi, you will need to go through the Amazon Alexa app. If it is your first time downloading the app, you will setup your Wi-Fi through the setup process. If you have already setup the Alexa app and need to change the Wi-Fi network, you will need to login to the Alexa app and update the settings. If you need additional help, please contact customer support.


Fragrance Consistency

How long do scent cartridges last?

The life of the cartridge is dependent on number of hours you run AIRIA and the scent intensity you prefer. Cartridges last 600 hours. This is about 3-4 months on average.

Can I still smell the product at the end of the life of a cartridge?

The precision with which AIRIA disperses fragrance in your home, means that the fragrance will be just as strong at the end of the device.

Does the scent fade over time?

As long as the AIRIA device is on, the scent will remain consistent at the determined intensity level for the entire time that the device is on.

How does AIRIA fill my home with fragrance?

AIRIA has 32 micro nozzles that releases droplets that are ~20 microns in size. These small droplets are light enough to float in the air and spread throughout the home by traveling your home’s natural air flow.

Fragrance Variety and Ingredients

How many different fragrances are there?

There are currently 7 fragrances including one Lavender essential oil.

What if I don’t like the fragrance cartridge that I received with my AIRIA device?

We offer one free fragrance cartridge exchange if you do not like the scent that came with your AIRIA device.

Fragrance Troubleshooting

How do I insert a new scent cartridge?

First, remove the plastic protector at the bottom of the cartridge. Then insert the cartridge into the top of the device. Make sure you press the cartridge until it clicks into place.

How do I eject a scent cartridge?

Press on the indentation on the top of the cartridge while it is in the device. It should pop up so that you can remove it from the device.

Why is my AIRIA not recognizing a new scent cartridge?

There may be a connection issue. Try taking the cartridge out and re-inserting it. If it still doesn’t recognize the cartridge, call or email Customer Support so we can help you out.

Fragrance Cartridge Storage and Disposal

Can I remove a scent cartridge before it is empty?

Yes, you can switch the scent cartridges out at any point to swap the scent. Your AIRIA will remember how much fragrance is left in each refill.

How should I store a cartridge that I have removed but is not yet empty?

We recommend storing cartridges in a plastic bag to protect the ribbon on the bottom of the cartridge.

Why is my AIRIA not recognizing a new scent cartridge?

There may be a connection issue. Try taking the cartridge out and re-inserting it. If it still doesn’t recognize the cartridge, call or email Customer Support so we can help you out.


Adding a New Device

How do I add an AIRIA device so that I can operate via the app?

In order to add a new AIRIA device, you will first need to download the AIRIA app and follow the instructions. You will need an Amazon account and the Alexa app.

What if I am having issues with connecting to my device from the Alexa app?

The AIRIA only stays in pairing mode for 5 minutes so if it has been plugged in for longer than that, try unplugging and plugging the device back in. If you are still having issues, call our customer support for more help.

App Controls

What can I control from the AIRIA app?

With the AIRIA app you can take full advantage of all of AIRIA’s features. Adjust scent intensity, view percentage of scent remaining in the scent cartridge, turn the light on/off, change the light color, create and edit schedules, turn off the entire device, enable/disable notifications and add new AIRIA devices.

Creating a Schedule

What is a schedule in the AIRIA app?

Schedules allow you to determine when the AIRIA will be on or off without you having to be there to adjust the AIRIA. You can set schedules for any day of the week and with any combination of light and scent.

How do I create a new schedule?

Creating a schedule is easy. Open the AIRIA app and select the device you want to create a schedule for. Then select the schedule tab. From here, select to “Create New Schedule”. You can then give the schedule a name, desired days of the week, start and end time, scent status & intensity and light status & intensity. Select to “Save New Schedule.”

How do I edit an existing schedule?

From the scheduling tab, select the schedule you want to edit from the list. Make the desired updates and select to "Save Schedule Changes.”

Amazon Alexa

Integrating with Alexa

How do I use AIRIA with Alexa?

If you have an Alexa device, like an Echo, you can tell Alexa to adjust the settings on your AIRIA with a simple voice command. For example, “Alexa, turn AIRIA to scent intensity 7.”

Also, remember that you can use the Alexa app, which you used to setup your AIRIA, for voice commands. To do this you just need to open the Alexa app and give Alexa permission to access your microphone. You can do this by selecting the blue icon on the home screen and following the directions.

You can also use the Alexa app without voice control to turn AIRIA on/off, adjust the light brightness, light color, light on/off and scent (perfume) intensity.

What can I control from the Alexa app?

You can use the Alexa app to turn AIRIA on/off, adjust the light brightness, light color, light on/off and scent (perfume) intensity.

Why do I need to use the Alexa app to setup my AIRIA app?

The Alexa app is required to setup the AIRIA app because we are using a toolset called the Alexa Connect Kit, which means that the AIRIA has Alexa built into it. AIRIA utilizes the barcode scanning technology in the Alexa app in order to correctly pair the AIRIA device to the app that you downloaded on your phone. You only need the Alexa app for the initial setup and any troubleshooting. After that you can solely use the AIRIA app.

Online Shopping and Store Policies

My Account Information

From your account you can view the following info:

  • My Basket
  • Order History
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Information
  • Order Confirmation Email

Store Policies

What is the return policy for the AIRIA device?

AIRIA has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee & free shipping and returns.

What is the return policy for fragrance cartridges?

Fragrance Exchange

Do you have free shipping?

We have free shipping.

Do you have free returns?

We have free returns for devices and one fragrance swap.


How can I re-order a scent refill?

Select your device from the device list. Then navigate to the scent tab. Scroll down to the “Purchase Refills”. From here you will be taken to our website where you can purchase new refills.

Can I subscribe to refills?

We have a “one-touch” refill program that you can enroll in by subscribing to notifications. We will notify you when your fragrance cartridge gets low and you can easily select to order a new cartridge of the same fragrance or a different one.

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